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BCA Associates has added new talent to our team!

Announcing the addition Lisa Pilla to our team.

Lisa brings over twenty-five years of commercial leadership experience, with start-

up and pharmaceuticals and life sciences companies. Lisa has broad therapeutic,

functional, and leadership experience. Lisa is an expert in team leadership,

marketing strategy, brand planning, new product commercialization, and cross-

functional operational planning. Lisa will strengthen BCA Associate’s leadership

effectiveness and business planning capabilities.

Our Latest Innovation:

(input / output video)



BCA Associates knows that most of our clients are looking for the next BIG thing, without the huge costs. Our innovative solutions, like iovideo leverage advanced technology with less impact on your budget.


Change the way your audience interacts by creating navigable experiences through video story-telling. Uniquely and completely designed to adapt based on audience choices, iovideo also generates useful data and measurable insights.


CLICK or TOUCH right on the video to interact. The story adapts based on audience choices, resulting in a personalized and relevant experience, driving deeper engagement.

Video Navigation: Wide variety of options including branching, shallow menus, chapters , tutorial, pass/fail, tailored messaging.

Choice-points: Opportunities to interact inside the video are called  ‘choice-points.’ Besides navigation, these can link your audience directly to call-to-actions by triggering events within the video like: opening a webpage or document, pop-up information, and many other customizable functions. 

Audience data and even choices within the video can be securely tracked and output to easily measure reach, engagement, and conversions.

Measure: Instead of using content as the bait, the content can become the method for capturing user information and gaining deeper insights.

Integration: Using APIs. We cam semd data collected from audience interactions to company systems like: Google Analytics, Marketing Automation Systems, CRM Platforms, and Learning Management Systems. A customized dashboard in also available.

High-performance, responsive, and compatible across devices including mobile. Multiple videos are combined into a single video experience.

Quality: Great looking video is delivered using a world-class content delivery network and high-end video servers.

Speed: Advanced technology specially engineered to interpret the project tree and manage videos delivers seamless playback, virtually eliminating gaps between segments, even on mobile devices using a cellular connection.

Compatibility: Responsive design with no special installations needed, browser-agnostic, and compatible across devices.

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