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The market today requires differentiation. We will help you create that competitive advantage that you need to realize your vision and exceed your performance objectives.


Do your leaders have the capabilities they need to effectively lead their teams? Are you developing your leaders on a routine basis and challenging them to deliver greater results?


Providing a comprehensive leadership development curriculum and an incentive to grow will yield consistent performance improvement. Innovative development programs can challenge leaders to change established habits and improve their impact. 


Do your field sales managers think strategically about their business and follow a disciplined approach to business planning? Are there established planning expectations in place and a review process that allows your team to monitor and refine their plans?


Establishing a proven planning and review process can significantly impact sales results. Enhancing the strategic thinking skills of managers allows them to efficiently assess their business and identify insights that lead to business growth.


Can you measure the impact of your field team’s account activity? Are they making a difference in their key accounts? Can you effectively measure the impact of your team’s business plans?


Customized measurement tools allow managers to assess the quality of activity and effectiveness of plans in order to predictably forecast impact. Account plan quality calculators, opportunity priority assessments, and other measurement tools can equip managers with the metrics they need to make sound business decisions. 

“The situational coaching sessions challenged our sales managers to listen more effectively, assess situations more thoroughly, and confidently resolve difficult coaching situations. This was a successful program that improved decision making and made an impact”. 

Associate Director, Management Development, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

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