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We work with your team to identify opportunities that will differentiate you in the marketplace and create a competitive advantage that will position you for success. We develop targeted, customized solutions designed to drive incremental performance.

Optimizing the Total Account Call


As accounts consolidate and establish more restrictive access policies, it becomes even more important for sales teams to learn how to work the total account. We work closely with our clients to establish team priorities and customize our training to enable sales teams to focus on what matters in an account. Sales teams leave each session with a step by step sales process that will lead to the development of stakeholder advocates in each account.

Strengthen Strategic Thinking and Business Planning


A common challenge for many sales managers is finding the time to think strategically about their business. One reason they struggle is due to the lack of a guiding process. By enhancing their ability to think strategically and providing a clear step by step approach, sales managers can efficiently assess their business, identify key insights, and develop sound business plans without disrupting many of their other required activities. BCA Associates provides customized programs that guide sales managers through the steps needed to build effective plans. Our programs receive very high participant ratings because sales managers learn how to plan efficiently and increase their sales performance.

Increase Coaching Effectiveness and Impact


Sales managers frequently face challenging coaching situations as they lead their team. The quality of their coaching decisions can either improve, or negatively impact performance. BCA Associates will customize each coaching program to reinforce the client’s coaching model, strengthen coaching fundamentals, introduce situational coaching skills, and strengthen sales manager decision making. Sales managers will become "best in class" coaches, allowing them to optimize the performance of their respective teams.
Enhance your Account Selling Process
BCA Associates has developed an effective account selling process that has been tested and refined for over a decade. We customize each program based on the client’s priorities, and then deliver a highly effective program that takes a team through each step necessary for success. Field organizations learn how to effectively assess accounts, build high quality plans, gain access into accounts, navigate with confidence, develop stakeholder advocates, and ask appropriate questions that lead to business opportunities. 
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